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I miss people I’ve yet to meet & yearn for places I’ve never been. I’m an adventurer at heart. Let’s drink psychedelic tea in Peru or eat blowfish sushi that could kill us in Japan. In 2018 I traveled 20 weeks out of the year, post-COVID where shall we go together?!


Truthfully, for as long as I can remember my head as been stuck in the clouds & I've been asking the stars to take me away to somewhere new. Ya see, I'm a rebel, a trail brazer. A real big-picture, abstract thinker. I've always forged my own path, danced to the beat of my own drum & without the intention, I've inspired and magnetized a lot of people as a result. My accolades, merits & press simply results of my hard work not monuments to my own self importance. 


You see I'm a Renaissance woman in every sense of the word; body & mind. A muse, model, artist, a visionary. I got my start within the Adult Industry as a content creator & had some fame + fortune within the live webcam space. This is why often I'm considered an Adult Industry Veteran by many folks and you might find your favorite pornstar or IG model following me for that very reason. I can do everything from custom build a pay-site to expertly digitally marketing a brand on social media. I have a major passion for where tech, entertainment & social media collide. Let's chat bio tech, cryptocurrency, globalism, environmental protections. I have a major love for nature & animals. Meditation practices, alternative health & wellness, psychology, sociology, anthropology, transcendent psychedelic experiences, alchemy, history, religion, theology, occult, art or music! 💫

I grew up in a family that cherished generational knowledge & carefully passed down herbalism intelligence​ as well as mediumship. Through a mixture of dedicated meditation, consciousness training & natural ability; with my subjects permission I am able to scry using a variety of techniques to better understand my subject, their needs & generally engage with different vibrations that they might not necessary experience on a regular basis. This is a HUGE reason why I don't meet everyone who contacts me. So please try to show a bit of effort in initial contact & send me all requested information. I'm sensitive to other folks energy and in session-ing it absolutely takes two to tango! Folks who do meet me have the opportunity to co-create chemistry & synergy but that requires mutual effort! You have to think deeply to dismantle your reality & to create a new world for yourself. You can find more information on my Booking Page.

I believe self-care is tremendously important to our spiritual, physical & mental well being. Your health is ultimately your wealth in this life. How much time have you taken lately to be present in your body, silent in your mind & feel connected to this world? Remember the life you build for yourself is your little red wagon & you've gotta pull it!  

I specialize in extended sessions via online or in-person. I love playing with power! I throughly enjoy a variety of power dynamics in BDSM/Fetish/Kink on multiple ends of the spectrum. Note I accept sessions from beginners to experienced individuals. 



Bra Size: 40DDD

Weight: 190lbs

Dress Size: 14/16

Height: 5'5 

Shoe Size: 8

Please note due to the Covid 19 outbreak in NYC I will have a non-negotiable hygiene & booking protocol until a vaccine & wide spread testing is made available. I have a 2 hour minimum & will only see clients at my discretion between tests. 

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